Follower Question Answered

Tumblr user scienceshaman asks, “What does a gyromount mean? Is it something we have to wait for the final product to uncover?”

The gyromount is like having a tiny turret on the cyber limb that you can then install a ranged ballistic or plasma weapon onto! Aside from looking great and making a gun hands free, it can be used to reduce the penalty for the Bulky property that can be found on some of the heavier guns in the equipment section.

For your convenience the gyromount can also be retractable into the cyberlimb.

My favorite thing with gyromounts from the beta playtest was when a rogue was trying to hack into a computer to shut off a powerful turret. While furiously typing with their bonus action (Hacker Rogues get to use their Cunning Action feature to take the Hack action), they had their gyromounted plasma rifle blast a nearby enemy robot. It was a cinematic moment!

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