Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Area Energy Barrier

Cost: 500 cc (Mark I), 1,500 cc (Mark II), 4,500 cc (Mark III), 13,500 cc (Mark IV), 40,500 cc (Mark V)

Area energy barriers create a 10 foot by 10 foot slightly curved wall barrier of translucent blue energy and provide cover that can be used against ballistic and plasma attacks. The wall that is created is see through and doesn’t stop damage that isn’t ballistic or plasma damage.

It has a barrier point total of 50 per Mark Number. People and objects can move through it normally and if deployed in a small space it will stop when it reaches walls. It requires 1 hour (a short rest) to be recharged after it is depleted or damaged to be restored to full barrier points. The device that generates the barrier weighs 10 pounds and is an inch thick and six inches in diameter. It takes an action to call up the barrier from the device and an action to retrieve the device.

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