What is a Starwyrm?

Starwyrms are a mysterious group of creatures that are well-studied but also unpredictable and impossible to truly know. Though there are many individually classified types of starwyrms, scholars today are aware that each of these distinct types are actually just a different stage of the life of the starwyrm itself. The adult starwyrm appears as a serpentine and whale-like leviathan with draconic features in the head and scaled body. They have four or more limbs, each with clawed feet and propel themselves through the void using dark matter energy that spews from shimmering blue energy vents.

The Birth of a Starwyrm. At birth, a starwyrm looks more worm than wyrm, writhing about in a nest of mucus and silk created by their progenitor on one of the many planets that the Braavasch people call home. They spend roughly five to ten years as a worm that looks like a massive caterpillar. They are cared for by the Braavasch people who watch the nesting sites, or oftentimes grow up wild. They are not what most would call sentient during this time, acting more like scaled caterpillars than anything else.

The Brahvaasch. After their time as a larva, the starwyrm will cocoon up for a few years and emerge as a youthful Brahvassch. It is at this point that they learn the ways of the world as any child might. The Brahvaasch are a slow-growing people who are often ponderous of the galaxy and are well versed in magic. They were one of the first space faring species in the Nacora and settled numerous empty worlds during that time. They live anywhere between five hundred and a thousand years before returning to a homeworld or safe place where they can once again build a cocoon of mucus, scales, dirt, and silk.

The Starling Stage. After a gestation of centuries that does not always result in the birth of a starwyrm (either through disease, outside forces, or simple natural selection), the starwyrm youth emerges from the cocoon. With only a few days of rest, the starwyrm will then take to the skies and into space itself. Unlike other creatures, the starwyrm, after it has achieved this state, requires no sustenance of any kind except pure magical dark matter energy. As a youthful starwyrm, it will travel and consume a great deal of energy. Most conflicts between starwyrms and other denizens in space are with starlings. Starling starwyrms are brightly colored and give off their own aura of light, not unlike stars themselves. They can be any shade of blue, white, yellow, orange, or red. They are serpentine with four lanky limbs ending in deadly claws. It has long been postulated that the claws and teeth, not used for eating, are purely remnants of previous life stages and self defense.

The Nebula Stage. No one is entirely sure how much time passes before a starling advances to the next stage of its life, but most scholars agree that a starwyrm has reached full adulthood by the nebula stage. During this time, starwyrms grow darker, becoming speckled and patterned like nebulas that can be viewed in space. Scientists theorize that the new patterns are built slowly by the sheer amount of dark matter energy that they consume during their time as a starling. It is also known that during this time they procreate and return to their home planets to generate young, though this is a rare enough occasion that is has only been recorded on video a single time. Also during this stage, they grow more territorial and usually find a piece of the galaxy to call their own, nesting in asteroids and other large space debris.

The Galaxy Stage. The final and largest stage of the starwyrm life cycle sees them as the absolutely gargantuan, slow moving creatures of legend that drift through space devouring wasted dark matter energy. They are often calmer and less territorial (but still enough to be dangerous) than their more youthful forms, and their patterns are so mellow that they blend in with the night sky itself. It is while studying this late stage of life that scientists made the discovery that starwyrms not only devour wasted dark matter that can’t be used for magic, they recycle and release energy into the galaxy that can then be used once again by other forms of life. This discovery led a wave of law reform to declare the late stage starwyrms in their galactic state to be government protected across the galaxy.

The Full Starwyrm suite of flavor and abilities will be found in the Spaceships and Starwyrms: Core Sourcebook.

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