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Tumblr user splendiferousblog asks, “So, do each race have differing views on gender/sexuality/etc, or is it more of a blanket assumption thing? Not trying to be aggressive, just wondering since one thing I’m a bit disappointed with in dnd is the blanket assumption when each race could have very different views and traditions on it”

Plain Text:

[Sexuality and Gender in Nacora

One of the benefits of a fictional setting, particularly in a fantasy science fiction future, is the opportunity to explore a world of blended cultures that embraces self-identification and choice. We encourage you to play a character that expresses their sex and gender in the manner that best suits them.

The species in the Nacora encompass a whole spectrum of genders and orientations, and there is no inherent cultural disadvantage in changing physical sex, identifying as a particular gender or no gender at all, or being attracted or not attracted to any particular gender. The galaxy is a huge place with room in it for everyone, much as the Veerux might disagree.

Pronouns of every kind are commonplace in Nacora, as most languages have both gendered and agender pronouns in them. Your choice for your character is your expression of that character and it is yours and yours alone to decide on the full spectrum.

Transition in Nacora

As a note for the curious, advanced science, cyberware technology, and magic offer a plethora of ways to alter oneself to achieve a body and form that helps you express who you inwardly believe you outwardly should be. In regards to normal character creation costs, such options are both free and up to your interpretation!]

We firmly believe that while views on gender and sexuality are a part of cultures on earth, many roleplaying games offer people a chance to put real world stressors behind them for a time. Since gender and sexuality are often a hot-button political issue, we chose to bake freedom of gender expression and sexual preference into the system rather than incorporate varying opinions. Individual tables are welcome to extrapolate on potential cultural differences if that’s something they want in their game. We have made mention of gender presentation in a few of the species entries (the Hanadarians, for example, recognize a spectrum of numerous genders), but it is largely up to player preference. We want this system to be open and comfortable for everyone.

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