Follower Question Answered

User sexplosion on Tumblr asks, “What are some major differences between this and Starfinder’s ship system?”

Spaceships and Starwyrms strives to emulate 5th edition’s design philosophy. We wanted to create something that accomplished the correct feel and played well without burdening the system with extra complexity. The gameplay will natural diverge from Starfinder in regards to tracking modifiers, combat complexity, and build complexity.

Like the differences between Pathfinder and 5th edition, you’ll find S&S comfortably familiar to Starfinder but ideally a more straightforward experience that let’s you create space combat scenes to rival the best sci fi movies.

Some of the major differences between S&S and Starfinder:

  • Roles are not enforced. In Starfinder, characters on a ship assume a role and gain special class features that tie into that role. There are only so many roles to fill. In S&S, the roles are undefined. Your character doesn’t have to be a science officer to use the primary computer terminal aboard your spaceship to scan or hack into enemy ships. They only need to have the associated skills (in this case, computers). Likewise, if the person manning the guns isn’t having much success, they can head to the engine room to assist with mechanics instead. While most parties will find each member filling certain roles on the ship consistently, the lack of rigidity means that things can be in constant flux. A character like Chewbacca from Star Wars, who plays so many roles on the Falcon, can exist easily within the framework of the game.
  • Less Grid Focus. Like Pathfinder, Starfinder really rewards grid play, even more so in starship combat with facing rules, directional barriers, and the like. For S&S, we fell back to the 5th edition question of how much a mechanic adds to the fun of the game compared to how much complexity is added. S&S is made so that if you don’t want to use a grid and miniatures, you don’t have to, spaceship combat included.
  • Combat Flows like Normal Combat. Starfinder has a combat system that runs in a different style than normal combat and can lead to complexities if space combat is happening simultaneously with normal combat, such as when a ship is being boarded while fighting other ships. S&S maintains the same 6 second round and actions in combat structure for spaceship combat.
  • Differences in Damage and HP Pools. S&S uses a streamlined tracking system for damage that doesn’t monitor damage to individual parts of a ship. This makes for quicker and easier to track space combat.
  • Ship Building Differences. S&S uses a 4 points build system, whereas Starfinder uses a 11 point build system. Despite the streamlined build system, you’ll find all the different facets of ships that are built into Starfinder’s system are still here.

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