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Tumblr user jurneejakes asks, “While I imagine you’re gettig a lot of comparisons to Starfinder, I have to know how you intend to handle gear. For some reason, paizo went with an mmo style gear progression that grates on my nerves. Will S&S follow DnD5’s style of gear where it’s not so much necessary as rewarding, or Starfinder’s upgrade or fall behind the curve?”

Thanks for the question! Almost all of our equipment follows the 5e style. The trusty Beam Rifle your Fighter has at 1st level can take you all the way to level 20 without needing an upgrade. Magic items are not included in the Core Sourcebook, but are encouraged in the same way that standard 5e encourages them. As we make further sourcebooks and modules, magic items that fit into the narrative of S&S will become apparent. Until then, the normal 5e magic item distribution remains. Doesn’t hurt to have a +1 Shotgun, after all.

Some of the most powerful weapons have high monetary costs that make it difficult to begin play with one (such as the Sniper Rifle), but most of those weapons are for specialized builds rather than your day to day bread and butter. Likewise, there are three tiers of GrenadesFlamethrower Canisters, and Explosives that deal more damage as they get more expensive, but they are by no means necessary for character efficacy.

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