Follower Question Answered

An anonymous Tumblr user asks, “How are the species structured in your game? Is there a scale of rarity like the common and rare races in 5e?”

The Nacora Galaxy is a vast setting with thousands of planets. Of the species included in our Core Sourcebook, we do not explicitly call out any species as rarer than the rest except for the Wireborn (you’ll have to wait a bit before they make their appearance in the previews).

The reason for this has to do with location. Every species has a certain amount of galactic influence via their homeworlds and galactic governments. What is a common, uncommon, or rare species in an area depends wholly on what governing force or local societies reside in a given galactic sector.

As an example, the Glabrau we previewed today are very common in the Core Sectors where the Kygoran-Glabrau Conglomerate (KGC) are in power, but less so outside of those spheres of influence. Even so, I wouldn’t say any species except the Wireborn are ever rare in a place.

We include an entire chapter within the Core Sourcebook that details the background and flavor of the Nacora Galaxy, where all the species live, and what major governing forces exist (it even has a calendar of galactic holidays). When you start your adventures you’ll be able to refer to that chapter to help you figure out the rarity of a given species in a certain area of space.

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