Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Hacker Rogue

The wireless world of the internet is your demesne. Every node of the expansive network that connects machines across the galaxy is yours to play with in ways that others can never imagine.

Hack on the Fly

When you choose to pursue this archetype at 3rd level, you gain the ability to use your Cunning Action ability to make the Hack action.

Viral Sabotage

Also at 3rd level, you gain two additional Hack actions that you can perform:

  • Sabotage (Overt). When you take the Sabotage Hack action, you make your hacking check as normal. If you’re successful, you deal damage to your target equal to your sneak attack damage plus your Intelligence modifier.
  • Vanish (Covert). If you are currently known to another creature or a security system on the network you are on, you can use the Vanish Hack action to regain your covert status by making your Intelligence (Stealth) check against that system’s DC or creature’s Intelligence (Perception) check.

Ghost in the System

At 9th level, you gain a measure of skill in hiding from machines that goes beyond what is normally possible. When you attempt a Stealth skill check in relation to a machine, device, or creature with artificial intelligence, you have advantage on your ability check. This includes any Stealth check made to fool people that utilize cyber eyes.

Projected Networking

Not all machinery is hooked up to a public network that you can access for hacking, but after a great deal of trial and error you have learned how to hook yourself in to even the most separate systems. At 13th level, you gain your own special private network. Unlike normal private networks, you can draw a noncreature machine that is on another network to also be connected to yours as long as that machine is within 60 feet of you (it remains connected to its own network too). Doing so requires that you interact with your network device on your turn to turn it on, but no further action. Like all networks, your network is discoverable by others and protected in the same way private networks normally are. A device connected to your network this way is vulnerable to the Hack action even without you logging on to the noncreature machine’s original network. You don’t need to make Intelligence (Stealth) checks to be covert when acting on your own network.

Ambient Hacking

Beginning at 17th level, your self-generated network and hacking abilities reach a height most can only dream of. Any creature, machine, or device, that depends on technology to sense your position or target you (such as cyber eyes, a lens, or sonar) has disadvantage on any attack roll they make against you. You have advantage on attack rolls you make against these creatures, machines, or devices.

The rest of the new Rogue content will be found in the Spaceships and Starwyrms: Core Sourcebook.

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