Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Radiation Elemental

While classical elementals such as those of air, earth, fire, and water exist across the universe, there are many more primal and elemental forces that move throughout the galaxy and even through the void of space itself. This guide presents four new elementals, each of which is tied to an elemental from the original grouping of planes. Acid elementals are extensions of the plane of water, electricity elementals are from the plane of air, metal elementals come from the plane of earth, and radiation elementals are born in the plane of fire.

Despite their planar nature, due to the multiverse crosshairs of open material space, these elementals, more than some of the others, are known to appear in strange and otherworldly places, including open space, where they can latch onto ships. Because they are not living creatures, they don’t typically register on ship sensors until they’re already attached, where they can burrow inside a ship and wreck havoc within.

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