Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Computers

In the technological world of the Nacora Galaxy, computers play a large part in the average life of people everywhere. They are used in spaceships to help with advanced computations, in companies to hold vital data and run security systems, and even by the average citizen to surf the network and communicate. As a player, you will find that while having a computer isn’t totally vital to everyday life, the access to the wealth of information and communication that the Combined Galactic Network provides can be an asset in many situations.

Pieces of the Computer

Each computer is made up of two discrete parts: the base computer and the software upgrades. The base computer determines the power and general capabilities of your computer. It comes in a level of strength numbered 1 to 5 (these are denoted in the chart as Mark I through Mark V). A computer of a higher mark value grants advantage to its user on any contested ability check against another user who is utilizing a computer of lower mark value. This is most commonly used when one computer is being used to hack another in some capacity.

The software upgrades are included in a chart in this section and describe a number of bonus functions for your computer. The most important of these is hacking software, which gives you access to the Hack action detailed in Chapter 10. Each of these upgrades requires 1 Upgrade Slot (US) in your computer capacity. There are a number of basic functions that every computer can do without additional software upgrades, but paying for upgrades can make your device more robust.

Though computers can accomplish a variety of tasks, most can only be done while the computer is connected to a network. In places where there is no network or the only network is a private one you don’t have access to, technology such as short wave communicators become a necessity. It should be noted that anything you do on a network is vulnerable to hacking and spyware from other computers.

Everything you need for Computers and their Software will be found in the Spaceships and Starwyrms: Core Sourcebook.

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