Follower Question Answered

An anonymous Tumblr user asks, “What are the options for long distance travel in S&S? Is there something similar to the Drift?”

There are three types of space travel in S&S. The first is short range or orbital travel which is measured in a unit called Arcs. This is also the measurement used for spaceship combat.

The next type uses a unit called the Galarc (1,000,000 arcs). This distance is used for travel within star systems from planet to planet or from one star system to another close one. Often this travel takes days and will constitute the majority of travel time.

Finally, there is Faster Than Light travel which uses wormholes to launch the ship to another place in space (usually another Wormhole). This is how ships can traverse across the vast distances of space between galactic sectors. Wormholes are dangerous when not heavily regulated by a wormhole gate (a sort of space station that stabilize them and forces them to launch ships to the same place each time. The Galactic Coalition helps keep space traffic safe by helping monitor these Wormhole Gates.

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