Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Proxy

The Proxy, art by Dakota Curry @dakotacurry

At first glance, the moon Olara appears to be uninhabited, but one needs look only a little closer to discover that the hard stone crust protects a hollow center that is home to a species of ooze-like creatures called the Curators. They have liquid bodies, telekinetic brains, and an electrical nervous system so complex that they speak by transmitting colored lights throughout their bodies.

Due to the difficulty they have moving around and interacting with objects and, unable to survive the solar radiation which would boil them alive, these erudite inventors created a species who could traverse the universe for them.

The Proxy are typically humanoid androids, though they can be built in many forms. The name given to them by the Curators was representative of the role they would play in the wider world as a go-between for their creators. While many species might assume such a relationship to be strictly business, the Proxy often view the Curators as their parents. The Curators knew they were creating sentient beings and raised the first generation of Proxy as one would a child.

Ability Score Bonuses: Your Intelligence score increases by 2 and one other ability score of your choice increases by 1.

Size: The Proxy, although not initially developed to be humanoid, are typically of medium humanoid size, ranging from 4 to 7 feet in height and weighing between 100 and 400 pounds depending on material components. Proxy can also be small creatures.

AgeProxy are created and considered adults after they finish their initial boot up and education programs. They can technically keep going forever, but most eschew renewal after 50 to 70 years when their personality core becomes irreparable and would have to be replaced.

The Full Proxy suite of flavor and abilities will be found in the Spaceships and Starwyrms: Core Sourcebook.

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