Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Drone, Robot


Across the galaxy, many powerful people, organizations, and governments have sought after ways to use technology to improve warfare and security. Rarely is this so defined as where robot are concerned. While there are a number of harmless robots in society that perform various jobs across space stations and on planets, the robots included here are generally referred to as security bots or war machines. There are as many different robots as there are reasons to create them, and though the robots included here are by no means representative of every kind in the galaxy, they cover the broad spectrum of purposes that security and soldier robots might serve.


Typically used for security of private firms and the homes of the rich, drones are medium sized oval-shaped robots that float around via hover technology. They act as silent watchers and bodyguards when things get nasty. They are particularly good at maneuvering in difficult areas and tight quarters indoors. They wield a plasma spear appendage and can fire plasma blasts from their forward sensory panels. Their centerpiece can also open up to deliver a high charge plasma cannon blast.

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