Follower Question Answered

An anonymous Tumblr user asks, “Is the setting flexible, as much as (or even more than) D&D usually is? Like, could one easily play a Start Trek-like campaign, or a Firefly inspired one, or an I, Robot mystery type of scenario?”

We’ve built the Nacora Galaxy in such a way that gaming tables should be able to fit the setting to whatever type of game they hope to run.

If you want something with the exploratory nature of Star Trek, you’ll probably find yourself in the outer sectors, flying to untouched planets with the backing of the Novus Seeker Division or the Galactic Coalition. If you’re hoping for the Western atmosphere of Firefly, we recommend a campaign in frontier space, where spaceship shootouts are common and barely-settled worlds are the norm. You can even utilize our resident space pirate faction, the Wildstars.

Mysteries are plentiful in the Nacora, and something like I, Robot could easily fit on Kygor or one of the many Kygoran-Glabrau Conglomerate space stations. Want Cyberpunk? Try Kygor. Something like Trigun? Moiccaro or Von. A monster-hunting game? There’s plenty of untamed planets. Star Wars style space opera? The core sectors are populous, colorful, and ripe for adventure.

We’ve tried to provide a varied setting that allows for any sci fi adventure you can conceive of!

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