Spaceships and Starwyrms Preview: Cyber Zombie

The cybertechnology that found its start in Kygor has spread throughout the galaxy, and with it, the horrible truth of what it can do in excess.

More Machine the Mortal. A cyber zombie is created when a normal humanoid with biological functions has replaced so much of their body with machinery that
their biological mind goes into shock and spiral towards death. Exactly how much cyberware is required for a given person to enter this state varies, but the key factor that keeps this shock and death spiral from killing the humanoid and instead makes them a monster is how much of the cyberware is able to support their required bodily function and brain activity. 

Mindless Instinct. Regardless of what popular culture may postulate, becoming a cyber zombie starts with the death of the person. They are dead bodies animated by the cybertechnology integrated into their bodies. Though the energy that animates them is not necrotic, they retain features of both undead creatures and constructs such as the ancient flesh golems that magical societies  perpetuated long ago. Because the creature is acting from electrical pulses of their own cyber systems, if left unchecked, they turn to aggressive instinct. They will attack any living or technological creatures or objects near them with the sole purpose of destruction and satiating hunger. The creature is brain dead and the body is often dead, but the cybertechnology still requires sustenance to keep running.

Deadly Servants. Due to their pseudo undead and technologically connected nature, cyber zombies are often used by less scrupulous magic users and scientists throughout the galaxy. With the right set of electronic cues or magical necrotic control over the biologically dead parts, the cyber zombie can make an effective and deadly servant that is endlessly obedient.

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