Follower Question Answered

Tumblr user tomahawkbunny asks, “What is the currency conversion from gp, or is it all new? Also how compatible are the base classes in this new environment?”

The exchange rate is 2 credits to 1 gold piece (2 cc = 1 gp). This is mostly used for material spell costs, though as just about everything else can be found for new credit based costs in the Core Sourcebook.

We recommend the bard, fighter, rogue, paladin, and sorcerer for play alongside the new classes (and we have new archetypes for them). The adept and vanguard are spins on the monk and barbarian so they’re not recommended. The cleric, warlock, and wizard aren’t necessarily recommended but should work well enough with the system if you want to play one. I would say they’re almost completely compatible. The druid and ranger are less so and not recommended for play in S&S. But keep an eye out as one of our first planned side expansion might bring then up to speed.

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