Organizations of the Nacora Galaxy

The Novus Federation seeks unpopulated, unwanted worlds with primarily nitrogen rich atmospheres. Worlds that often lacked enough oxygen to support other species often become Novus colonies through the use of terraforming technology.

The Domos Collective is a joint government originally built from the combined peoples of three different planets located within the same solar system before expanding into frontier space. They have taken up the role as protectors of the galaxy.

Alliances between spacefaring species of the galaxy weren’t uncommon, but none seemed to last until the Ix approached the Brahvaasch with the idea of a universal alliance. The Galactic Coalition boasts thousands of members from every planet across the galaxy.

The Hanadarian Multiplanar Republic is known by many names: the Glittering Republic, the Republic of Eternal Justice, the Republic of Magical Brilliance, and the Mystifying Republic of Hanadar.

FLAMES began as a religious organization on Eezon that explored spiritual and magical connections in the Eezonites’ cycle of life and death. Then called the Fireheart Church, FLAMES almost single-handedly drove the advancement and cultural discoveries of the Eezonoite people.

The Kygoran-Glabrau Conglomerate is the biggest corporation in the galaxy. Between the two cultures, they advanced network technology, wormhole travel, spaceship stability, and every facet of war.

The history of the Luos Aven Empire is one of conflict and expansion. On their home world of Vres’na, the empire began with conquest of the world. It was a goal they succeeded, but at the hefty cost of the health of their planet.

What would a space adventure be without pirates? The Wildstars have a code of honor they abide by, but despite being nearly a government themselves, they don’t answer to any galactic authority.

To the species of the Nacora Galaxy, the Veerux are worse than any summoned devil and more dangerous than any single government. They have been roaming the void of space for thousands of years. There have been countless attempts to capture and reform Veerux Empire Humans.

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