The Galactic Primer on Natural Environments

We’re back with another update on the Kickstarter!

In our previous post, we told you about the primary rewards of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A print version of the Core Sourcebook? Relatively self-explanatory, and we’ll have more on that later. But today, let’s talk about our first supplementary book: The Galactic Primer on Natural Environments.

So what is it?

The primer is a 200+ page book full of additional content and flavor for Spaceships & Starwyrms. It includes:

  • Two new augmented classes: the planeshifter and the survivalist
    • The planeshifter adapts the shapeshifting ability of the druid for a sci fi setting. Planeshifters are individuals who connect deeply with the planes of existence, so much so that many consider them to be extensions of those planes. Their connections with the multiverse allow them to take on ethereal shapes and harness powerful, enduring magic.
    • The survivalist takes the resilience and versatility of the ranger and gives it an upgrade for the age of space travel. Survivalists are individuals who have studied particular areas of the galaxy and trained strenuously to survive, and even thrive, in them. Resourceful and robust, survivalists can endure even the most dangerous situations.
  • New archetypes for the scientist, oracle, and adept
  • A chapter on environmental hazards and challenges
  • New equipment, including bioware and trinkets
  • New spells
  • Notes and flavor from the Novus Seeker Division and their observations on the natural world

Most importantly, this primer boasts over 100 new monsters!

This primer is the first of a few that are on our production schedule, but when we decided to do a Kickstarter, we wanted to push this one out in time for the backers. Expect more information and sneak previews of the primer in the coming weeks!

If you want to see a few of the new monsters in action, tune in to the Midgardia livestream on March 17.

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