Monster Preview: Hielopez

Not all creatures that hail from the Elemental Sphere are dangerous to the creatures around them. The Hielopez are native beings from the Plane of Water that often cross over into arctic oceans around the galaxy and even into certain parts of remote space where the barrier between the planes is thin. They are large creatures that take the form of narwhals without mouths or air holes.

Their most prominent feature is the elaborate horns that adorns their head. The crown of horns covers their entire head, with a solitary long horn at the center of the arrangement. These horns are used to attract mates and for self-defense, as they are deceptively sharp.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about the horns is their icy appearance. The hielopez’s own frozen blood makes up the horns. It is a surprisingly hardy material that is a common material for sculptors, as it never thaws and retains its purplish bubbly texture permanently.

Frozen Blood. When a creature deals damage to the hielopez with a melee weapon attack, the weapon takes 1d4 piercing damage from the hielopez’s instantly freezing blood. Magical weapons are immune to this effect, but non-magical ones break if they take at least 10 damage from the hielopez’s blood. Creature that strike the hielopez directly in melee take the 1d4 piercing damage themselves.

The hielopez can be found in the Galactic Primer on Natural Environments, as part of the Spaceships & Starwyrms Kickstarter launching on April 25.

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