Monster Preview: Chlorofiend

Depicted here is a Planeshifter with the Bond of Flora Archetype using the Spirit Shape class feature to take on the abilities and appearance of a Chlorofiend.

The chlorofiend is known by many names throughout the galaxy, such as hell’s potato, deceiver’s kiss, vileleaf, and most innocuously, nodroot. Whatever title you call it, this tricky plant has been the bane of many a planetary explorer. Its tuberous body is akin to that of a turnip, and like the turnip, it resides beneath the ground except for a few leafy stems. These stems give off a pleasant aroma and are easily mistaken for common weeds.

If one of the stems is touched, however, or the ground around the chlorofiend is disturbed, it will rouse itself from beneath the soil to attack whoever treads on its territory. Its massive body can weigh up to 700 pounds, and its yellow, pocked flesh has been described as “sandpapery”. The chlorofiend can move on four thick roots that act as legs, and its primary means of attack is to trample its foes. When dead, the skin of the chlorofiend can be used to make a powerful sleep aid, hence the name ‘nodroot’.

False Appearance. While the chlorofiend is underground, the foliage on top of its body that pokes out looks exactly like a normal bush and cannot be discerned from one by sight.

The chlorofiend can be found in the Galactic Primer on Natural Environments, as part of the Spaceships & Starwyrms Kickstarter launching on April 25.

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