Planeshifter Bonds and Druid Circles

If you’ve been checking out our previews this week, you’ll notice that our augmented druid uses Planar Bonds instead of Druid Circles as their archetype of choice. The planeshifter’s new archetypes are each a bond to a certain plane and the upcoming Galactic Primer on Natural Environments includes one for the Elemental Sphere and the Fae Beyond. It also has one bond for the Material Plane that focuses on plants!

This is where Druid Circles come in. The base Druid Circles from 5e, the Circle of the Land and the Circle of the Moon are both considered to be Planar Bonds that a planeshifter can choose. In both cases, that planeshifter is attaching themself to the Material Plane. While these two weren’t created with S&S in mind, they both operate just fine within the planeshifter and the only differences should come between Wild Shape and Spirit Shape and these are perfectly suited to a one to one replacement!

We look forward to sharing more monsters as the days unfold and you will get a chance to see more of the things that the planeshifter can shift into depending on their Planar Bond!

The full Planeshifter class can be found in the Galactic Primer on Natural Environments as part of the Spaceships & Starwyrms Kickstarter on April 25.

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