Class Preview: the Survivalist

art by Emilie Kelly. A W’uther man faces off against a roiling creature of murky black smoke, a plasma pistol in each hand. He flips the safety off, raises both guns, and fires. Emerging from the bowels of a massive warship on a pulse cycle, a Wireborn casts a bolt of flame at the encroaching … Continue reading Class Preview: the Survivalist

Monster Preview: Murinelle

At first glance, this tiny creature is often mistaken for a mote of light or a fuzzy seedling floating through the air. In actuality, it is mouse-like, with a small pointed nose framed by whiskers and fuzzy fur covering its body. The translucent wings on the Murinelle’s back are reminiscent of a dragonfly. Though Murinelles … Continue reading Monster Preview: Murinelle

Monster Preview: Derelict Dweller

An adult derelict dweller, as seen in the Midgardia oneshot, Dweller in the Deep. Many a deep spacer has heard the legends of the massive, squid-like creatures that roam the outer reaches, making their home in abandoned spaceships and stations, but few have seen one and lived to tell the tale. These shy creatures have … Continue reading Monster Preview: Derelict Dweller

Monster Preview: the Araclathrus

A giant araclathrus, as seen in the Midgardia oneshot, Dweller in the Deep. The origins of the araclathrus are mostly lost to history, as no sentient life remains from their origin to recall how they came to be, save for the fact that they were crafted by mortal hands. What that creator was thinking, why … Continue reading Monster Preview: the Araclathrus

The Galactic Primer on Natural Environments

We're back with another update on the Kickstarter! In our previous post, we told you about the primary rewards of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. A print version of the Core Sourcebook? Relatively self-explanatory, and we'll have more on that later. But today, let's talk about our first supplementary book: The Galactic Primer on Natural Environments. … Continue reading The Galactic Primer on Natural Environments

Spaceships & Starwyrms Kickstarter

It's official - the Spaceships & Starwyrms Kickstarter is coming on April 25th. We know that many of you have asked us for more details since we broke the news on Tuesday, and while we do have lots of content on the calendar for the weeks leading up to the launch, we wanted to answer some immediate questions.