Class Preview: the Survivalist

art by Emilie Kelly. A W’uther man faces off against a roiling creature of murky black smoke, a plasma pistol in each hand. He flips the safety off, raises both guns, and fires. Emerging from the bowels of a massive warship on a pulse cycle, a Wireborn casts a bolt of flame at the encroaching … Continue reading Class Preview: the Survivalist

Monster Preview: Murinelle

At first glance, this tiny creature is often mistaken for a mote of light or a fuzzy seedling floating through the air. In actuality, it is mouse-like, with a small pointed nose framed by whiskers and fuzzy fur covering its body. The translucent wings on the Murinelle’s back are reminiscent of a dragonfly. Though Murinelles … Continue reading Monster Preview: Murinelle

Monster Preview: Chlorofiend

Depicted here is a Planeshifter with the Bond of Flora Archetype using the Spirit Shape class feature to take on the abilities and appearance of a Chlorofiend. The chlorofiend is known by many names throughout the galaxy, such as hell’s potato, deceiver’s kiss, vileleaf, and most innocuously, nodroot. Whatever title you call it, this tricky … Continue reading Monster Preview: Chlorofiend

Kickstarter Preview

Augmented Druid: The Planeshifter A Human woman centers herself in the middle of a firefight, and suddenly her body is engulfed in spectral flames. The form of a fire elemental surrounds her as she strides into the fray. Arms spread wide, a Piranthi draws on their power. Floral vines spring up from the metal floor … Continue reading Kickstarter Preview

Organizations of the Nacora Galaxy

The Novus Federation seeks unpopulated, unwanted worlds with primarily nitrogen rich atmospheres. Worlds that often lacked enough oxygen to support other species often become Novus colonies through the use of terraforming technology. The Domos Collective is a joint government originally built from the combined peoples of three different planets located within the same solar system … Continue reading Organizations of the Nacora Galaxy

Follower Question Answered

Tumblr user creepsandcrawlers asks, "Is SnS compatible with standard DND? Are the classes balanced with it?" Yes and yes! There will be some flavor tweaks with standard dnd abilities to allow for the classes to play well in sns because of the technology involved and new skills like computers. Likewise, when transferring sns classes into … Continue reading Follower Question Answered

Follower Question Answered

Tumblr user splendiferousblog asks, "How did you go about creating your own classes? I've tried to homebrew a class myself (a card based spell caster) but the class was always either under or overpowered. How did you go about balancing? And were there any concepts that had to be dropped?" I found that the first … Continue reading Follower Question Answered